Repairing and strengthening community ties

Creating support networks for birthing parents around the world.

Maternal Health systems often neglect the extended needs of People of Color. This is especially true for Black women and BIPOC; who are most isolated from access to Maternal Health services until they become debilitating and often deadly. At The Arch, we aim to reduce maternal and infant mortality through a communal model of concierge support.

Industry leaders in diversity and innovation

A dedicated team with over 30+ years of industry experience

100+ Professionals

including doulas, lactation consultants, and maternal health specialists

The intensity of the COVID-19 pandemic requires doctors to respond to patient problems in rapid succession leaving little time to ensure acute dissemination of information, and emotional support. We connect healthcare providers and their clients with resources based on unique profiling, providing on-demand care when necessary.

The Arch community consists of birth professionals, located in 25 states and 7 countries with 300+ active members. We’ve supported over 28,000 families and have experience spanning over 30 years.

41 regions

Access to professionals connected across North America, Mexico and Europe

200+ Happy Clients

Serviced by our network of professionals in just two short years

Merging technology, community, and holistic support

Providing alternative pathways to personalized support

Our network of support is multicultural, trained to recognize the needs of Caribbean, Latino, East and South Asian communities, religious minorities and many more.

Our Mission and Vision

Reconnecting families  to community

The directory was created with this in mind:“The Arch  is where access and support meet”—It is meant to be a place to connect people to community and each other. That sense of family, continuity and community has since been lost and my desire was to help bring that familiarity and comfort of the  “family” to people across the country and worldwide. We desire to educate and empower, in ways that would allow people to participate in their care.

When we work together to create pathways/access to support, we put power back into the hands of the invisible majority who need us most.