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Many OBGYNs spend under 20 minutes on patient care, with half of those minutes going to admin work. 

We found 42% of pregnant women spend less than 20 minutes with their doctors on average, while Black women were the most likely to spend three times as much time in the waiting room. 

The Arch uses concierge health services to reduce the administrative load of doctors, helping our clients focus their precious time on care.


We believe the doctor, the doula and patient are a team with a shared goal: to ensure the best possible outcome for the child and parent. Our birth professionals are trained to spot signs of complications, PTSD and PMAD, and improve infant nutrition through chest (breast) feeding.


First, clients will connect through our web services or through a medical provider.


We perform a comprehensive assessment and an interview to further understand the needs of the practice.


Then, the practice is connected with a birth provider that will work directly with the client.


While care is in progress we will regularly benchmark progress to develop our understanding of the practice and client’s needs.