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The Arch App directory is a low-cost initiative that provides Maternal Healthcare solutions to individuals, clients, and patients within your neighborhood. The Arch App directory structure lists three main categories of providers that are classified by specialties, credentials, demographics and service locations:
  • Individual Provider - A person who provides maternal healthcare services, such as a doula, midwife, or doctor.

  • Organizational Providers - Organizations that provide or support maternal healthcare services, such as hospitals.

  • Educational Centers that offer classes to new and experienced parents.


If you're in need of a trusted resource to take out the guess work involved in choosing a birthing practitioner, this plan is for you.

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Get access to events, classes, resources, and more

In addition to our Basic Plan, you'll receive access to:
  • Community events calendar.
  • Resource List
  • Private Community Forum
Our calendar highlights services, classes, and workshops designed to create additional community and giving greater support before, during and after your birth.
The resource list is a curated selection of trusted alternative support options to help new and existing parents create birthing environments suitable to their own rituals and practices. These professionals combined share over 30+ years of industry experience and knowledge.
Lastly, all Extended Plan members gain access to our private forum to relay and discuss their own maternal health journey amongst a community of their own peers.

Once you're ready to join, check out this Membership Plan.

Personalized support services

Control the outcome of your birthing story with professionals that care

We specialize in providing services for birthing parents who require more intimate care on their Maternal Health journey. We'll connect you with a support liason who will conduct a consultation and find your ideal birth practioner. Upon joining this membership service you'll have access to remote and in-person versions of care with regular check-ups or check-ins planned from the beginning of the Antepartum phase all the way to the Fourth Trimester or Postpartum phase. 
As this a service we offer to individuals of various income levels, we support a variety of extended payment plans to ensure a comfortable facilitation of services at a price point that is fair to our client base.

Check out our Membership Plan. Or, for more information about our low-cost versions of this plan contact us.