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The Arch Assist

Spend more time doing what you love. As a doula you devote your life to catching babies and ushering in that magical moment when a new person enters the world. Being there for families is what inspires and drives you–not the daily grind of keeping your business running. 


What is the Arch Assist? The Arch Assist takes on many of your operational and administrative tasks. We match you with a virtual assistant doula with more than 10 years experience so that you can spend more time with clients and less time processing them. 


Who is this for? Doulas who want to reclaim their time


More details: Your Arch Assistant will act as a part of your team and do the following: 

  • Manage your inbox

  • Facilitate delivery, receipt, and processing of contracts

  • Calendaring

  • Social media management

  • Invoicing (employer-based insurance, Medicaid and cash)

  • Phone service 

  • CRM onboarding (Honeybook setup)


Duration: We will be launching the week of March 1 and running this pilot through

June 30th, 2023. During that time we will be refining what our service will look like

in an ongoing basis. 



  • A la carte: any combination of services or add-ons can be made at a rate of $25/hour

  • Option 1: $99/month ( up to 5 hours per week) calendaring, managing inbox

  • Option 2: $199/month (5 to 10 hours/week) calendaring, managing inbox, phone service, invoicing

  • Option 3: $349/month (25+ hours/week) everything, including Honeybook startup. 




Next Steps: Please fill out this 



Questions? Need more information? email  

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