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Te-Ana Souffrant is a wife and mother of 3 sons. She developed her passion and love for people and health care as a young child, going to work with and being cared for and nurtured by her Grandmother, Angela, who worked on Maple Avenue in our very own Bedford-Stuyvesant, in Brooklyn NY, as an Office Manager for a Cardiologist who remains in her life today. Te-Ana earned an Associate’s Degree in Business and a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Administration from the University of Phoenix. Prior to earning these degrees, Te-Ana majored in Biology/Pre-Med at Southern Connecticut State University, before deciding to focus her studies on Health Administration and the work she could do behind the scenes to assist those in need. Te-Ana completed her Graduate Studies in 2012, from Hofstra University, with a Master’s degree in Health Administration.

Her love of healthcare has taken her through many areas within the field, and in the Summer of 2014, prior to her own birth to her 2nd son, she watched many of her friends/family, who had planned to give birth just our ancestors had done, naturally, only to have that option quickly taken from them, just as it had for her. Te-Ana believes that her calling has always been in health care and caring for people. Te-Ana is a Certified Full Spectrum Labor & Birth, and Postpartum doula. Te-Ana is also a Hypno birthing doula, and is using the tools that she’s learned to assist in labor & during birth. Te-Ana also adds a component of Childbirth Education to her prenatal appointments with clients, in the hopes of helping families better understand the process of labor and birth and "birthing" without fear!

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